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About Robert J. Funches

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Robert J. Funches is a technology professional in Northern Virginia, specializing in Windows infrastructure and security. He has previously held technical certifications from Microsoft, SANS Institute, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). His hands-on experience goes back to the days of Intel 8086 processors, ISA expansion cards, and the Turbo button.

A longtime, classically-trained pianist, Robert has participated in several local recital competitions and was part of the Virginia Governor’s School Summer Residency program. He also spent many years playing violin and has also played the cello and sanshin, and performed numerous times with Okinawan music groups in the Washington D.C. area.

Robert started in photography on film, later transitioning from 35mm SLRs to digital SLRs. Previously shooting on Olympus equipment, he now shoots on Canon camera bodies and lenses. He focuses on outdoor and landscape photography, frequently traveling to take new photos.

Writing since the mid-1990s, Robert has written extensively on the environment, as the editor of The Earth News from 1995 to 2000, and on technology and other subject area in his previous blog, “by Robert J. Funches.” He continues writing commentary here on the site and has several fiction projects in development.

Robert operates Funches Media Company, under which he operates the Final Fantasy MMO community websites The Vana’diel Lobby, for Final Fantasy XI, and Cities of XIV, for Final Fantasy XIV.

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