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About Robert J. Funches


A combination that blends the creative with the scientific. What is nebulous, juxtaposed by what is fixed. Subjective versus objective.

In all of it is a common thread. The search for something new. Always moving forward. Exploring what’s next.

Robert J. Funches is a technology specialist residing in Northern Virginia. He holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, summa cum laude, from George Mason University. Over the years he has held various industry certifications, including from Microsoft and SANS. Most recently he held an associate-level certification as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He specializes in information security — with a focus on encryption and public key infrastructure — and has an extensive background in Windows infrastructure.

His early days of photography were on film with an Olympus OM-1. After years of working with 35mm negatives, he switched to digital photography and DSLRs in the 2000’s. Much of his work has been for personal projects, with occasional freelance work. Today he works on a Canon EOS 7D, carrying both 70-200mm f4 and 16-35mm f2.8 lenses, developing digitally on Adobe Lightroom.

From 1995 to 2000, Robert was the owner and editor-in-chief of The Earth News, a small-distribution newsletter focused on environmental issues. He worked briefly as a freelancer for The Old Bridge Observer in 2008, writing primarily human-interest stories. Robert has an extensive private catalog of unpublished fiction works, including a full-length novel. This website,, has previously hosted nonfiction works and other musings.

Robert is a classically-trained pianist and violinist. He performed extensively with school and youth orchestras on violin, and filled in on cello for three years in a school orchestra. On piano, he participated in music competitions, and in 2004 was accepted to the Virginia Governor’s School summer residency program as one of only a dozen high-school pianists state-wide. Additionally, he performed for many years on the sanshin, an Okinawan three-string lute, including public performances affiliated with Okinawa Kai of Washington D.C. Today, he plays piano privately and keeps an oboe to explore the world of double-reed wind instruments.

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