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A revamped [new] website

The new was launched not too long ago, but the site has been slightly re-done here in late August 2021. Apparently my previous virtual hosting provider — who will remain unnamed, though anyone who cares to do some sleuthing can easily find them — seems to have left town, as it were, leaving me in a scramble to find new hosting. Luckily I have secured new digs, and rather than try and work through my backups, I decided to do a clean rebuild of the site.

For those of you who have online hosting, this is a good reminder that keeping your domain name registrar separate from your website hosting can be a Very Useful Thing™. I dealt with this many years ago with a different hosting provider, and since then I always keep my domains hosted elsewhere.

I do plan on more regular updates once this site is fully back online, and once my affiliated sites have all been moved over to my new hosting provider as well. In the meantime, you can check in periodically to see what’s been added and updated, mostly in the Photos section above.